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Everyone deserves to be loved, respected and happy. We were not born with innate abilities to make relationships work and many of us were not taught these skills in our own homes. They need to be learned through experience and discovery. Coaching allows us to speed up this process and explore new options that can create the relationships of our dreams.


Single's Programs

These programs are designed for anyone of any age that is seeking a long term relationship. You could be recently divorced or someone just not finding the right person. There is also a break-up program if you are currently in a relationship that you want to get out of and be single again.

Pre-Committed Programs

These programs are designed for couples who have not yet gotten married. They are either on the fence and wondering if this relationship will work, or they know they want to get married, but have some issues that they would like ironed out before hand.

Committed Couples Programs

These programs are designed for couples that are committed to each other for life, but struggling with having everything they wanted in their relationship. This is also for couples that have it good, but want to take it further to be fantastic.


How to create successful relationships with anyone.

By Dee Stevens MA, CPC

The Created Relationship is designed for anyone who wants to generate their relationships powerfully. You will learn how to use responsibility, communication and integrity in a conscience manner. It emphasizes that amazing relationships don’t just happen; they are created everyday with everyone. Get the first chapter for FREE and see for yourself.

What people say about The Created Relationship

“This book really helped guide my thinking through- my approach to relationships…from inception to completion. The author, Dee Stevens, has an authentic method of delivery that works when applied to any relationship. I loved the “break up” chapter, often an imperative time to create a positive ending to a relationship. Her coaching is what I call -laser coaching, making small direct adjustments that have major lasting results. I hope this good read, has you recreating and strengthening your own loving relationships.”

“This book was inspirational and insightful!! Was an easy read, And a book that I will recommend to anyone without hesitation! 5 stars for sure!!”

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