Are you killing your relationships and you don’t even know it? Today I will give you three ways in which you may be killing your relationship.  

  1. Criticize them out loud. 

We think our criticisms will cause others to change.  Such as you call them lazy. There are consequences for criticizing people in your life. The more you criticize them, the more they start to resent you.  The more they resent you the harder that is to turn around. If you are criticizing them for the way in which they are helping you,  it will only cause them to not want to help you anymore.  Then you are stuck doing it all by yourself. Also someone who is criticized too much, may lose confidence in themselves.  The less confidence they have the less respect that they have for themselves and the less respect you’re going to have for them.

2. Criticize them to your family and friends

People in your life love you and they take your side on issues.  They might try to convince you that your partner is not a good person.  It becomes harder when you want to make it work with your partner. Your friends and family don’t understand the other side to the person that you’re with and all the good qualities because you haven’t been telling them.  

3. Keep a scorecard of all the things that they’ve done wrong

The more you start to look for their faults and all the things that they’ve done wrong in your relationship the more you will find.  You don’t even need to criticize them out loud because your partner begins to get a sense that you are finding fault with them.  Unfortunately when your partner begins to see that there’s nothing that they can do to make you happy, they begin to give up on the whole thing all together.  They might start to look for somebody else they can make happy.

What you should do instead

Begin to acknowledge everything that they do right. Don’t give them over the top praise that they didn’t deserve.  Just acknowledge them for things they do that you really appreciate.  As you look for more positives in people, you will see more positives. 

Comment below on what other ways you have seen people kill their relationships. 

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