Dee Joy of Coaching Programs

Learn how to communicate to avoid this.

Gain Communication Skills

Spend 1 hour learning the Communication Game Plan which 

  • Is simple and easy to understand
  • You can learn and implement in less than an hour
  • Is universal and works for all relationship and setting work, home, business, family, parenting, couples, etc
  • Develops mutual understanding and acceptance of differences in personality and gender
  • Is tested and proven by hundreds of graduates.

Singles Programs

In the singles programs you will 

  • know who you are and what you want
  • learn how to get what you want
  • become the chooser
  • be ready and available for commitment
  • gain relationship skills and knowledge
  • be a successful single


Break-Up Programs

In the break-up programs you will 

  • assess where your relationship is now
  • acknowledge what is and isn’t working
  • make a plan for the future
  • adapt to life on your own again
  • be ready for the right relationship

Pre-Marital Programs

In the pre-marital programs you will 

  • know what you need in your relationship to make you happy.
  • determine your vision for the relationship and your future.
  • learn communication tools to manage conflict. 
  • make sure this is the right partner for you.
  • Create your plan for the future

Committed Relationship Programs

In the Committed programs you will 

  • Reduce and learn how to deal with the conflict in your relationship
  • Overcome resentments and anger
  • Redefine roles and boundaries
  • Learn new communication tools and skills
  • Resolve the solvable issues and discover understanding
  • Deepen emotional, physical and spiritual connection
  • Reignite the closeness and intimacy 
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